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Willy Russell: 'Seeing Better' - Paintings 2008–2017

Contemporary Chinese woodcuts from Heilongjiang

Contemporary Chinese woodcuts from PuErh, Yunnan


Reed Contemporary Art has evolved out of the Chapel Row Gallery in Bath which was initially set up by Josie Reed as Six Chapel Row Contemporary Art in 1995. Reed Contemporary Art is the sister organisation of Reed Contemporary Books which was launched following the closure of the Chapel Row Gallery in 2011.

Operating on the internet with viewing by appointment in London or Wiltshire, Reed Contemporary Art is currently promoting Seeing Better, an exhibition of paintings by Willy Russell, to be held at The Coningsby Gallery in central London from 7th–18th November 2017.

We are also promoting paintings and woodblock reduction prints from Yunnan, South West China. Exhibitions of these prints have recently been shown in two hospitals in the South West - the Royal United Hospital in Bath and Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

Watch this space for what's new at Reed Contemporary Art.

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